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The Templar Vault by Scott Chapman "I decided to work with PublishNation and was delighted to see my first book reaching number 1 in the Amazon rankings.

The PN team were incredibly helpful right across the board. Initially I planned to just have them turn the manuscript into a book for my friends and family, but quickly realised that if I used their expertise it might become something bigger. They created the cover, found an expert to give me some great guidance, ran a very cheap, but very effective marketing campaign and even gave me some thoughts on how to set this book up as a foundation for the next one.

If you dream of seeing your book idea becoming a reality then I would be absolutely confident in recommending David and his team. I would also say that if you believe you can write then you probably can and the only way to write a book is to get on the computer and start writing.

The simple act of creating my book has been tremendously exciting and fulfilling, and working with PublishNation has made it into far more than I ever thought possible."
Scott Chapman The Templar Vault
 My Best Friend Has Hairy Feet! by Victoria June Badrock "The service I received from David at PublishNation was extremely professional. I can honestly say nothing seemed too much trouble. Both of my books have been done really quickly and both the covers and writing has been portrayed exactly as I wished it to be. I will be using PublishNation in the future and feel this is a great company to work with to self-publish. I recommend them to every writer I know, such a brilliant service."
Victoria June Badrock My Best Friend Has Hairy Feet!
The Bear, the Dragon and the Wolf by Chris Ormondroyd, for BOTR Books’ authors "It is a major challenge to acquire the appropriate back-up and support to convert an author’s title into the format required by the market place. It’s all the more of an uphill task when dealing with multiple titles. Having been frustrated and confused by several on line services, I consulted David Morrison at PublishNation and suddenly got that: ‘This guy knows what he’s talking about,’ feeling. Here’s exactly what budding authors are looking for: a service that does what it says on the tin, that maintains its quiet command and professionalism when you as an author might be panicking and being precious (as we do). In the whole process of preparing ‘The Bear, the Dragon and the Wolf,’ ‘Mindfields’ and ‘Hippies, Vandals and an Alien called Pete,’ PublishNation were exemplary in their communications, problem solving, preparation and empathy with the authors’ visions for their work. If we wished to find a better service, we’d be very hard pressed. We recommend PublishNation highly and we’ll be using its services for new titles as they come to fruition. Thanks very much for the excellent service."
Chris Ormondroyd, for BOTR Books’ authors The Bear, the Dragon and the Wolf
373 Days Afloat (and counting) by Andrew Dalby "Having trudged through many publishing websites offering their often expensive or complicated services I came across PublishNation with its offer to do it all for £125. I wondered what the catch would be. THERE IS NO CATCH. I have just published my first book exactly 30 days after my initial approach to David Morrison at PublishNation.

I cannot begin to express how impressed and grateful I am for the service I received from David; every email was responded to personally within 24 hours, every question was answered and every problem solved with an efficiency and professionalism beyond comparison. I would urge anyone considering publishing their work not to delay in contacting PublishNation, I cannot recommend them highly enough."
 Timescan: Science Fiction Short Stories by Alexai Vavioski "When I first opted to go down the self-publishing route, I had investigated going about this process myself. But after seeing what was involved I decided (my computer skills being almost non-existent) it would be better to look for an e-book publisher, to format and do all the necessary work for me.

After many weeks of looking through numerous e-book publishing sites, what they had to offer, how much it costs and other various intricate details involved. I made a shortlist of different publishers. But the one I kept returning to constantly was PublishNation. I liked what they had to offer also the sincere comments of past satisfied customers. I was not disappointed.

I phoned PublishNation and spoke to David Morrison, their main contact. He was always extremely helpful, patiently answering my queries and questions, sorting out minor problems were dealt with immediately. I am absolutely thrilled with my book, Timescan: Science Fiction Short Stories which is published in paperback and kindle formats.

You can have absolute confidence that PublishNation will treat your book with the greatest respect. They offer an extremely professional service. I have been very happy with PublishNation and would recommend them to anyone wishing to self-publish their book."

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