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Love’s Seasons by John Rawson "As a first time author, I had no understanding about how to get a book published, and the result of going online and looking at publishing and self-publishing websites was total bewilderment. I found many websites offering a profusion of services, often at considerable expense, and being new to this adventure, I didn’t know what I really needed or how much I should be paying out. The chaos of information was almost enough to ditch my project. One website, however, stood out for its clarity and I kept going back to it, the PublishNation website. Their website gives plenty of useful information about self-publication, is upfront on the reasonable cost of their services, and provided the reassurance I needed to go ahead with my book. My initial contact with PublishNation was to request a Critique Report. I would recommend this. The report was extremely useful in providing some general comments about my work and highlighting inconsistencies in grammar, easily made whilst tapping away at the computer. Having revised my manuscript, I took the plunge into publishing. I am grateful to David and Gwen Morrison at PublishNation who, with their professionalism, made this process very easy, responding to my emails promptly, helping with cover design which reflects exactly what I feel the book is about, and being very patient with my text changes until I was happy with the final product. Writing fiction has been a very satisfying challenge for me and I have learned so much more about the English language and turning a manuscript into a book. Many thanks to David and Gwen Morrison for making the road to publication so pain free. For anyone considering self-publication I would advise them to contact PublishNation. I cannot recommend them highly enough."
John Rawson Love’s Seasons
The Bed I Lie On: A Novel by Art Lester "My first royalty cheque from Amazon more than covered the PublishNation fees for seeing my book onto Amazon and into print. You can't beat that for value!"
Fleet Street Frolics! by Charles Rae "I trawled around the internet for a long time looking at a variety of self publishing companies before settling on PublishNation. I found an impressive amount of information on the website. From the very first phone call with David Morrison, I found an efficient and professional service which helped me get my book Fleet Street Frolics out of my computer and onto Kindle and into paperback.

I m very pleased with the way everything as worked out and could not be more impressed with the service PublicNation has provided. I am really enjoying watching my book increase its sales.

PublishNation makes life very easy for authors to breathe life into their project. If you are looking for a company to self publish your book, then look no further. You will not go wrong with PublishNation."
Digital Physics: The Physics of Information, Computation, Self-Organization and Consciousness Q&A  by Ediho Lokanga "Many thanks to David and Gwen Morrison of PublishNation. Thanks to their marketing, one my books reached Number 1 in the kindle store and another has been listed at Number 3 among the 14 Best New Theoretical Physics Book To Read in 2018."
The Templar Vault by Scott Chapman "I decided to work with PublishNation and was delighted to see my first book reaching number 1 in the Amazon rankings.

The PN team were incredibly helpful right across the board. Initially I planned to just have them turn the manuscript into a book for my friends and family, but quickly realised that if I used their expertise it might become something bigger. They created the cover, found an expert to give me some great guidance, ran a very cheap, but very effective marketing campaign and even gave me some thoughts on how to set this book up as a foundation for the next one.

If you dream of seeing your book idea becoming a reality then I would be absolutely confident in recommending David and his team. I would also say that if you believe you can write then you probably can and the only way to write a book is to get on the computer and start writing.

The simple act of creating my book has been tremendously exciting and fulfilling, and working with PublishNation has made it into far more than I ever thought possible."
Scott Chapman The Templar Vault

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