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Self publish your book or ebook, quickly and conveniently

Publishing your book with us is simple and straightforward, we always take care to ensure you are comfortable at every stage of the process.

There are no hidden charges with us, this is your book and YOU are in control of how it is made available to the public.

And with our Total Distribution service included in ALL packages, we list your book with the world’s Number 1 distributor so every retailer in the world, including Amazon, Waterstones and many more, can make your book available to their customers.

Self publish for ebooks
Paperback + ebook
Self publish for paperbacks and ebooks
Paperback only
Self publish for paperbacks
Hardback - Casewrap
Self publish for hardbacks
Dust jacket add £50
Hardback + ebook
Self publish for hardbacks and ebooks
Hardback + paperback
Self publish for hardbacks and paperbacks
All 3 book formats
Self publish for hardbacks, paperbacks and ebooks

Save with extra value publishing and book marketing packages

Grand package
Paperback and ebook plus Total Marketing, includes one author copy of the paperback
Save £196 from purchasing separately
Now includes our best ever book distribution service
Epic package
All 3 book formats plus Total Marketing, includes one author copy each of the hardback and the paperback
Save £226 from purchasing separately
Now includes our best ever book distribution service

All feature (except where noted)
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You keep ALL rights to your book → more

You retain ALL rights to your book, all over the world, forever. Therefore, if you are offered a publishing deal, you are free to sign without asking us. We retain no claim whatsoever to the rights of your book.

Full control of your book after publication → more

Some self-publishing firms will add your book to THEIR own accounts with a distributor. This means that they may take a cut of your royalties, plus you would need to ask (and probably pay) to make changes to the price or other details of your book. At PublishNation, we don’t do that. We create accounts on your behalf with the industry-leading book distributor, so YOU have full control over your book after publication. We also provide a useful free Writers Guide to help you manage these accounts.

Pay AFTER publication → more

You only pay our fees AFTER your book has been published. When you have approved the final proof copy and we finish publishing your book, we’ll send you an invoice. If you have requested our editing or marketing services, they do need to be paid in advance.

Your cover designed → more

Covers are available for free, or we can create a more eye-catching cover design for your book for only £40.

ISBN and barcode number provided (paperback)

Copyright protected

Manuscript formatted

You choose retail price of your book → more

For paperback books, we will offer you three suggested retail prices and you can choose which you think most appropriate for your book. At the same time, we advise you on the royalty percentages for your ebook and you choose the price you would like. You can later change these prices whenever you like. Book retailers (like Amazon) do have minimum prices for your book (they aren’t going to print at a loss), but outside of that, it’s your choice.

You keep ALL royalties from the sale of your book

Your book on sale all over the world

Sending us your book

Your book must be sent to us in an electronic format. Ideally use our website submission form below, otherwise send it as a Word file attached to an email. Microsoft Word is the preferred format, but we can normally work with other formats.

If your work needs to be typed up and inputted into a computer, we can help. Please contact us for details.

Text only
Our standard price applies to books with text only. If you would like to include photographs or other graphics, an additional cost may apply (from £3.95 per image). Special formatting features such as bullet points, foot notes and tables may also incur an extra charge.

We will format your book, usually in Times New Roman 11, with page numbers centered at the bottom of the page, page breaks at the end of each chapter, and all paragraphs (except the first in a chapter) being indented.

You may request other formats, and you can choose paperback or hardback.

Please don’t worry about formatting your book before sending it to us – let us format it for you! If there’s a problem, we’ll let you know.

Ebook Format
Sometimes authors like to use a different font in order to differentiate voices. At the moment, for e-books, only bold and italics can be used to make a section different.

Ebooks do not have page numbers as each e-reader is different and users change the font sizes.

To help give your book a professional appearance, we can design a front cover for you. Choose from a free text-only cover or a more eye-catching enhanced design costing just £40.

See more about our free and enhanced book cover services.

You can also design your own cover and send that to us, we’ll provide the exact size and other technical information required on request.

Book description
For the back cover, we normally add the book description text (also called a ‘blurb’) onto a plain design. This service is offered for free as part of our standard package. If you’d like a different design for your back cover, this can be done for an additional charge (from £40).

The book description text (or blurb) is used to describe the book to potential readers on Amazon and ideally should be around 150 words.

Self publishing your book - what next?

If your book is ready for publication then you can send us your manuscript straight away, or if it’s not yet finished and you still have some queries please visit our Self Publishing Q and A section for more information on topics such as "How do we publish your book?", "What is Print-on-Demand?" and "How much will I make in royalties?" or get in touch for a quick response to any queries.

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      I decided to work with PublishNation and was delighted to see my first book reaching number 1 in the Amazon rankings.They created the cover, found an expert to give me some great guidance, ran a very cheap, but very effective marketing campaign and even gave me some thoughts on how to set this book up as a foundation for the next one. The simple act of creating my book has been tremendously exciting and fulfilling, and working with Publish Nation has made it into far more than I ever thought possible.

      Scott Chapman The Templar Vault