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Terms and Conditions

By contracting PublishNation to publish your book onto IngramSpark, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions which are mainly covered by the organisations we use to publish your book. You do not need to sign or in any other way acknowledge your agreement with these terms. You may wish to read these terms and conditions to ensure you agree with them.

Paperback books (where applicable)

These are published and managed by IngramSpark. You must agree to their terms and conditions:

Ingram Agreements

Ebooks (where applicable)

These are published and managed by IngramSpark. You must agree to their terms and conditions:

PublishNation terms and conditions

The following terms apply to qualify for our publishing offers:

  • Your book must be sent to us in an electronic format
  • The size of your book must be limited to 150,000 words. Larger books can be published for an additional fee
  • Your book is in text only. Graphics and/or photographs may be included, although an additional charge may apply
  • Our standard package does not include the supply of paper version books or proof copies. These must be paid for separately.

Proofing your book
Once we have formatted your book, we will email you the first drafts. At this point, you can make corrections and other amendments and email your book back to us. We will then send you another email with an updated draft. Again, you can make changes and send your book back to us. This process can be carried out up to four times as part of our standard package. An additional charge may apply if more than four drafts are required.

You may have your drafts sent to you in a paper format and have us make corrections on your behalf. However, an additional charge of at least £20 may apply.

You can make corrections to your work when we email you back drafts of your book. We can make corrections for you, but a fee will apply of at least £20.

Post-published revisions (re-publishing)

If you want to make changes to your book AFTER publication, the cost for this service is £50 in each format (paperback and Kindle). Therefore, to re-publish in both formats, the cost would be £100.

This cost applies to one draft only. If any subsequent draft is required, an additional cost of £50 in each format (paperback and Kindle) will apply to each additional draft in each format.

If your re-published book contains images and a Kindle version is required, then an additional cost of £3.95 will apply to each image to be placed within the ebook.

These prices are offered on the basis that you are able to carry out any changes to the most recent and fully formatted version of your book that is or can be provided to you by PublishNation.

Change of book title and/or author name AFTER publication

If you wish to change the title of your book and/or the author’s name after your book has been published, then this will mean a new book will have to be published and our standard publishing prices for new books would apply.

Although every effort is made to contact media outlets and reviewers, we cannot guarantee any kind of response.

Social media aggregate platforms used may vary from advertised listing depending upon availability though similar will be used instead.

We individually format all chapter headings within a book and the maximum number of chapters we will format as part of our standard package is 35. Books with more chapters will require more work and therefore an additional charge will apply, normally £20.


Our standard prices will normally include work up to 35 verses. If additional verses are included in your poetry collection, or if any other additional work is likely to be involved in the publication of your book, then further costs may be incurred and you will be informed of this in advance.

Front covers
You can supply your own front cover design to us, but this must be in JPEG format at 300dpi and fits the size of your book (normally 13.97 x 21.59cm) and allowing for appropriate bleed space.

Invoices are normally raised and payment requested after a book is published or when the service has begun or been completed. Certain services may require pre-payment. This includes inputting (typing) text and proofreading.

If a project is taking considerably longer than is usual, then a partial or full payment of our services may be required in advance.

If you reside outside the UK, you may be required to pay for all of our services in advance.

Although every effort is made to ensure our proofreading service is as accurate as possible, we are not liable for any errors that do occur and will not make any refund in relation to any errors that do appear after proofreading.

Scanning items
We can scan and save items such as photographs and artwork into a computer. The cost for this service is at least £5 for up to 5 items, then £1 per item more than that (ie, 10 items to cost £10).

Controversial content
You must inform PublishNation if you intend to publish anything that may reasonably be regarded as controversial or may result in the possibility of legal action being taken against you based on what you have written.

Manuscripts are accepted by us in good faith and if we have legal concerns about any book we assist in the publication of, we will take all reasonable measures to withdraw that book from public sale without necessarily providing advance notice of this to the writer.

Please note that simply changing people’s names may not prevent the possibility of legal action.

If in doubt, contact a legal specialist such as BM Nyman & Co, Solicitors/Publishing Lawyers.


Special formatting
Please let us know if your book contains certain formatting features, such as tables, charts or the use of bullet points or tabs.

Ebooks are published in one format for all digital platforms and there may be differences in appearance on certain devices, which is outwith our control.

If the original manuscript sent to us already contains specific formatting features then we will try and retain many of these. Note, we generally do not later amend any formatting features that have previously been added as these are the responsibility of the writer.

We will create an account for you for free with a book distributor to control the publishing of your book. This account can only be accessed via the internet.

The writer is fully responsible for the security of any online account created by us on your behalf.

The writer should also ensure that information we have entered into this account on behalf of the writer is accurate and corrections should be made by the writer if required. We are not responsible for any errors or losses incurred due to inaccurate information being entered by us and not subsequently corrected by the writer.

If PublishNation access an online publishing or retail account belonging to you and you choose to share your password with us, then please change that password after we have completed work on your behalf. PublishNation is not responsible for any breaches in security or losses incurred by any such breach if you choose to share your password with us whilst we carry out work on your behalf.

Post-Publication sales report (if requested)

All figures and information provided by IngramSpark or Amazon KDP. This report is deemed to be accurate at the time of access to the author’s publishing account, but may not include recent sales. PublishNation is not responsible for the information, figures, or unreported book sales, and provides this report only as a service to the author.

Nationality declaration (American tax requirement)
In order for us to complete the publication process on your behalf, you must agree that:

  • You are not an American citizen
  • You do not live in America
  • You have not resided in the USA in the last 3 years
  • You do not have an American Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Please let us know if any of these issues do not correspond with your own circumstances.

PublishNation values the confidentiality of all editorial material sent to us and we will ensure that all such material remains the intellectual property of the writer and your rights will not be compromised during the publishing process.
Data Protection: All customer contact details shall be retained for an indefinite period unless we receive a request to delete this information from the customer.

By continuing to work with PublishNation, we assume you agree to the terms and conditions referred to above.