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That's Where You'll Find Her by Gary Warner "I have now published six books with Gwen and David.  I don't think I need to say how efficient, kind, courteous and professional they and their team are. You can read that in countless other author testimonials.  What I want to say is simply that they understand and they care. Writing is my hobby, which I enjoy but also take seriously. I want, like every author, my finished book to be as good as it can possibly be, but I'll readily admit that, for me, the time of publication is both exciting and just a bit scary! Exciting because, at last, the result of nearly a year's endeavours, can finally be put 'out there' for others to, hopefully, enjoy and appreciate.  But scary?  Well yes, again for me, a little, and for the same reason - that your work is now public, with all that that entails.  But, if you have any concerns or worries, Gwen and David address any issues with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of patience. When you entrust your cherished work to Gwen and David at Publishnation you not only get a first class publisher, you also have something worth so much more. You receive empathy and understanding, and any author will surely appreciate their value."
Forever Perfect In Neon by Michael Dennis "For a long, long, long time I had hoped to release a book, to get my writing out there and to be a storyteller in some way. David Morrison, of PublishNation, was my main point of contact and he was the bridge to getting my voice out there. From initial requests for information through to the proofreading service and then to the publishing of my debut book, a collection of short stories, David was incredible at providing details about each step, executing them and then delivering the final vision. The process was easy, interesting, and collaborative and it was a privilege to communicate with David, who gave me peace of mind during each process. Long may PublishNation continue, and for them to get the voices of new and continuing storytellers out there into the world."
Michael Dennis Forever Perfect In Neon
Lammas, Cowes: Its history, houses, and Harry by Diana Cave "

Again my thanks to the marvellous team behind PUBLISHNATION, Gwen and David Morrison. This is my third book published by them and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to publish your book.

Gwen has kept me informed in all the stages getting the book into print and she is quick to answer my queries.

The front cover designed by them is excellent and eye catching.

The whole process from my initial contact to the appearance of the book on Amazon took under 6 weeks.

What a team!

Fallen – Defending The Capital by Reece Chapman-Savage "I would like to thank David, Gwen and everyone else at PublishNation who was involved in the process of publishing my debut book. From my first email enquiring about information, to my last email submitting the final copy of the book, and, the countless email exchanges in between, I have been fully supported at every stage. I am a first-time writer and when I came across PublishNation I was pleased with how efficient, professional and supportive David and Gwen were. Their passion for what they do is brilliant and they went above and beyond in helping me take my draft ideas to create and execute the final piece of work. I was assured at every step of the journey and I can’t thank PublishNation enough for helping me complete my goal and share my book with others around the world."
Reece Chapman-Savage Fallen – Defending The Capital
A Divided Heritage by Margaret S Goldthorp "PublishNation have published three books for me. Initially, I was a complete novice and had little idea of what was involved.  I found PublishNation's website very helpful, setting out the procedure and the options very clearly, and Gwen guided me through the process of publishing my first novel from start to finish.  She was extremely helpful and even found me a superb alternative cover picture, at no extra charge, when the one I had chosen did not work out as I had expected.  Detailed clear instructions were provided at every stage, which was greatly appreciated. When I came to publish my second and third books, I was familiar with the process and less guidance was required.  I dealt with David on these two, who was extremely efficient, responding by return to my emails. These two books were both published in just over one month from beginning to end, despite the third one being dealt with over the Christmas/New Year period.  With the second book, I had a couple of further queries after publication, which were also answered promptly. I am very happy with the finished products in all three cases and can highly recommend PublishNation's service."
Margaret S Goldthorp A Divided Heritage

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