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How do we publish your book?
Your book will be available and on sale throughout the world thanks to the industry-leading book distributor, IngramSpark. Readers can buy your book in two forms: as a paperback through a Print-on-Demand process and as an e-book (electronic book).

What is Print-on-Demand?
Known as PoD, Print-on-Demand is a revolutionary new way to self-publish. We list your book with a printer and when customers order your book, a copy is printed and posted directly to them. No need for large print-runs or the expense of keeping stock. This publishing service costs just £295.

How much will I make in royalties?
Your book will be sold in two formats: in paper and ebook. The structure for paying royalties is different for both.

For sales of the paper version of your book, most of the retail price is retained by Amazon and the remainder is your royalty.

A 50,000-word paperback book (at standard size of 13.97 x 21.59cm) retailing at £4.99 on Amazon would earn you around £1.00 as your royalty.

* These prices are only examples and were accurate at the time as provided by the printer. They are subject to change at any time and completely outside of our control.

Which Kindle format pays the most in royalty fees?
Typically, if your ebook has a retail price of £2.99, you will receive around £1.20 in royalties. There may also be small fee in relation to the file size of your book. This is often 5 or 10 pence.

How much does PublishNation take in royalties?

Who owns the rights to my book?
You do. The book is owned by you in its entirety.

How will people find my book?
There’s lots of information freely available on the internet to help authors attract readers to their book. You may have tried this already and are disappointed with the results or you may be looking for professional support for your new book. We can help. Please visit our page on Book Marketing.

Do I receive copies of my book as part of the package?
Our standard package does not include the supply of paper version books or proof copies. These must be paid for separately.

Can I buy my book at a discount?
Yes. You’ll be able to order your book at a substantial discount directly from IngramSpark.

What about corrections?
You can make corrections to your work when we email you back the drafts of your book. We can make corrections for you, but a fee of at least £20 will apply.

Will I receive a proof copy?
You can if you wish and be able to make alterations long before it’s available on Amazon.

Will my book be on sale in shops?
We will publish and distribute your book where it will be available to every bookshop in the world, including Amazon, Waterstones and many more.

What paperback sizes are there?
A variety of sizes are available for your book:
Standard (the most popular, 13.97cm x 21.59cm)*
US Trade (15.24cm x 22.86cm)
Crown Quarto (18.9cm x 24.6cm)
The printing cost of your book will vary in relation to the sizes. Generally, the more pages a book has, the higher the cost. Images also increase the cost of a book. *Unless requested otherwise, your book will be Standard size.

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