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Italian Tea Shop by Maria Francesca Ruffo "When my wife discovered Gwen and David at PublishNation it changed everything for me. David made contact by telephone, after I fed my words into their online system. That was the beginning of a great journey: getting to the stage of wrapping my book with a cover, designed by them, and proofing the contents that needed a lot of alignment, with David’s help. This was easy and I was professionally guided every step of the way. Gwen and David lead you through all the steps that make this daunting process a pleasure and rewarding. Then seeing the book standing up on Kindle and Amazon is a great emotion. Do not hesitate to send your words to them or get in touch. You will discover they are just what you need to get that book onto the world stage. Thank you!!!!!! Gwen and David"
Maria Francesca Ruffo Italian Tea Shop
The Total Joy of Travelling on Public Transport by Phil Lowe "It has been a real pleasure to use the services of PublishNation in publishing my book ‘The Total Joy of Travelling On Public Transport’. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a high quality service at a reasonable price. Gwen has been very patient with my enquiries and quick to respond. I have found the whole process from first draft to book for sale online to be smooth running with straight forward instructions in the final adjustments."
Submit Horror by Steven Deighan "Being an indie writer AND publisher, especially a 'horror' one (which doesn't set us apart from others but does serve to skewer the mind something odd!) meant I was taking on great tasks with each publication I released. Changes in specifics on book creators'/retailers' websites meant new knowledge had to be acquired before, during and - AARRGGH! - sometimes after each book was released! I was single-handedly doing all along what could be done by more knowledgeable individuals. In my case, they came in the form of PublishNation. With a team that understands the 'pain' and the stress of taking a manuscript from its fragile, submitted state, by doing all the formatting and uploading and other legwork to ensure its overall readability, I knew it was in capable hands. Choices are offered at affordable costs; whether you wish to see your book in electronic form or in print, PublishNation sees to it all. They 'get' the precisionist mentality that a stand-alone writer/publisher adopts, and help ensure that those 'crucial' edits - such as misplaced letters, page numbers, etc - are mended before the final document sails. I've yet to explore their marketing campaign, but I'm a believer in the onus falls on the writer. If they can't be bothered to sell their book, what chance has it got?! It is an area of PublishNation's that I hope to encounter soon, for any additional help should be welcomed with open arms, regardless of your own efforts. That is my advice to you. Know who you are; know what you're writing. Use the services available to you, especially when they're as fine and proactive as PublishNation's."
Steven Deighan Submit Horror
You Only Die Twice: A Penney Farthing Mystery by Mike Mitchell "

I have published other books in the past but I must say that Getting You Only Die Twice published was the easiest yet.

From formatting and proofing to cover design. David and the PublishNation team were very helpful and easy to deal with.

I am more than happy with the cover design, the provision of the ISBN and uploading to Amazon. Unlike my other efforts, there's no complicated contract or additional payments and I have access to the sales figures and potential royalties. Along with easy author copy ordering. I will definitely be using them again.

My Tory Friends, And Yours *** Number 1 Book *** by Stanley Walter Broadhurst "I speak as a first-time author who was bamboozled by the weeds and obstacles that appear to us rookies to be unnavigable when we enter the minefield of the world of publishing. Our mentors were available to guide me through every step of the journey.  They were extremely prompt at answering every query, and ready to give me the essential information to enable me to take the next steps - and there are several of them to negotiate. I have now had my first manuscript published in Amazon Kindle and Paperback formats, and I highly recommend the firm, and the proprietors, as a safe and helpful bet, to any aspiring authors.  Very impressed, and shall use them again with no hesitation, if my brain allows me to complete another assignment."

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