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How to Write a Business Book

Learn to become a recognised authority in your industry with a well-written business book. Done well, you can quickly build cult-like fame amongst your peers or even be credited with changing the way business is done. Titles can be responsible for shaping or breaking entrepreneurs’ strategies and are often referred to in history to illustrate … Continue reading How to Write a Business Book

Tips on Writing Children’s Books

Inspire a generation of readers with your book and learn how to provide children with wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Writing novels for children allows your creativity and raw imagination to shine through in ways that other genres just can’t match. It’s an exciting, limitless, and an enjoyable sector of fiction that, once you … Continue reading Tips on Writing Children’s Books

Writer’s Block: What To Do?

There are many reasons that you may suffer from ‘writer’s block’ or ‘writer’s anxiety’, but when it grasps you with its cold, halting hand, you’ll want to be free of it as quickly as possible. After all, when progress is hindered, you may never finish that book – and it does nothing for productivity or … Continue reading Writer’s Block: What To Do?

Writing a Romantic Fiction Book

Everyone loves a good romance, and that means there are a lot of readers desiring tales of passion. Romantic fiction is one of the biggest selling book genres today. Does your book have what it takes to satisfy this massive demand? Here, you’ll discover that this category is often underestimated and not as easy to create … Continue reading Writing a Romantic Fiction Book

Historical Fiction Writing Guide

Bring the past to life with a well-written historical fiction book and take advantage of a huge market on Amazon. Learn how to combine your imagination with the authenticity of the time period to keep the story believable and engaging. With the right balance of research and creativity, you will have readers hooked on every page! … Continue reading Historical Fiction Writing Guide